June 14 – July 28, 2002 in Goodman's Albert Theatre

Around 90 minutes

A world premiere

It’s an irresistible combination—Chicago’s endlessly inventive director, Mary Zimmerman, and America’s most celebrated composer, Philip Glass, blending their talents to create a world premiere opera that paints the life of the brilliant but flawed genius, Galileo.

Goodman Resident Director Mary Zimmerman has won acclaim for her stagings of such classics as The Odyssey, The Arabian Nights, The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci and Metamorphoses. Glass, a pioneer of minimalist music, is a true renaissance man, composing for theater, opera, symphony, dance, and film, receiving an Academy Award nomination for his work on Kundun and a Golden Globe for his score for The Truman Show. Their work together on Galileo Galilei is sure to be one of the most talked-about events of the season!